Red Tailights is a musical project built around three songwriters - Ian Sprange, Kevin Stuart and Alan Barnes. Collaborating with talented musicians, we aim to produce thought-provoking and interesting material. Thanks for finding us!

Ain't Nothing

What would you do for someone you love? What would they do for you?

This is a song about putting life into perspective and how you choose to view it! You don’t have to trudge down the same old track. You just have to have the courage to change the things you don’t like, especially if current problems are getting you down.The good times will come back, and when they do, make sure you appreciate them and take time to enjoy life - you only get one!

This song is about bringing people together, whether they be family, friends or even whole countries! It’s about how we can feel strong and look forward with hope if we all stand together, despite the problems we may have had throughout the year.

The song is inspirational, saying that anyone can achieve their goals, even if you don’t have the best of starts. You don’t have to be just another ‘face in the crowd’ if you can keep your desire and determination to rise above.

The song is about a passion for music that is all-consuming, chasing that dream. It also resonates with human relationships.

This song is just as much about couples embarking on a new life together or others who are looking back on a life spent together. It’s about the strength we can give each other and that you can still look forward to more good times to come.

The song is about the sense of isolation and hopelessness you can feel, even if you live in a big city full of people. Do you know your neighbours? How can you make a difference when those in power ignore the common man or woman? Do you just live in your own bubble, ignoring other people’s problems? Will lessons ever be learned….

The song is about the daily nine-to-five grind that is often impossible to escape from. Are you just another number with unfulfilled dreams? Most of us have had that feeling at some time!